Cargobike Café Electric Hydraulic

Café Electric provides endless opportunities to develop your business. Thanks to its versatility, this means of transport allows you to conduct your business wherever your customers are, and in places where you can really make yourself seen. 

A few examples of the companies that use this model include events companies, market traders, cafés, bakeries, streetfood vendors, shops and companies that exhibit at trade fairs.

Café Electric not only helps to increase your visual profile, but also gives you the opportunity to operate a mobile business. The box is equipped with various smart compartments and shelves, specially designed for the purpose of both sales and storage. A practically water-repellent awning is included as standard. The bike is constructed with robust and durable materials that ensure it will be a reliable working resource for your business. It has mechanical front disc brakes and hydraulic rear brakes, as well as a maintenance-free Bafang motor. The range is estimated to be 20–45 kilometres, but this largely depends on how much load you are carrying and the conditions in which you are cycling. The 6 Shimano gears enable you to adapt the resistance according to terrain, transporting both you and your rolling business across town and country. 

Do what countless other entrepreneurs around the world are doing – take your business out to the streets and the squares, selling anything from cakes to handicrafts.

Cargobike is Sweden’s largest supplier of box bikes, and is represented by dealers throughout the entire country. Our service network of workshops possesses good technical knowledge of our bikes.

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