Cargobike Box Electric Hydraulic

Thanks to the covered transport box with a lockable lid, you can transport your equipment whatever the weather. The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, the maintenance-free rear-mounted Bafang motor and the external 6-speed Shimano gear system help you to travel smoothly and safely.

The battery has an estimated range of 25–45 kilometres, depending on wind resistance, muscle power and load weight. Our box bike models with higher sides and lockable lids are ideal for companies conducting various types of business – selling food or ice cream, delivering post or packages, transporting work tools, or simply functioning as an impressive-looking mobile billboard. This bike has an infinite variety of uses, for you or for your business. And don’t forget the visual impact! If you would like the box to convey a message using foil wrapping, this is an additional service we offer.

The electric motor is powered by our durable battery, using cells from Panasonic/LG or Samsung. You select the desired level of assistance with the touch of a button, and the battery can easily be charged in a standard wall socket.
 Cargobike Box Electric makes it easy for you to travel around within urban environments, with plenty of room for a hefty load. Because, unlike our other models, the box is not equipped with benches, you have the freedom to load your items in whichever way is most suitable for you.
 This is a popular electric bike within industries such as plumbing, painting, window cleaning, catering and bakeries. 
It provides a great alternative for those who want good options for delivery and for portable storage.

Cargobike is Sweden’s largest supplier of box bikes, and is represented by dealers throughout the entire country. Our service network of workshops possesses good technical knowledge of our bikes.

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