Cargobike Delivery 2-wheel

A perfect bike for transporting all manner of items, such as goods, food or tools, for example. Or perhaps just a really stylish bike with endless possibilities! Thanks to its two-wheeled design and front and rear loading options, you can easily get around in crowded environments. Delivery 2-wheel is a bike for the modern person or company.
A powerful mid-mounted Bafang motor, and the hydraulic front brake and rear drum brake make this bike strong, fast and safe. The low front wheel and the longer base make this bike particularly sturdy, enabling it to handle heavy front loads. At the same time, you also have a good overview of what you are carrying. With front and rear parcel racks as standard, you can configure the bike with boxes or bags to suit your loading needs. The battery is located beneath the rear parcel rack.
pakethållare fram och bak som standard kan du utforma lastmöjligheterna med lådor eller väskor för att passa dina behov. Batteriet finner du i pakethållaren bak.

With automatic lights, hub gears and a low step, it’s a user-friendly bike that suits most people. A 7-speed Shimano hub system with twist-control allows you to adjust the resistance to suit your riding conditions.

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