About Cargobike

Box bikes designed in Sweden, and built for the Scandinavian climate.

Sweden’s most-sold box bike

When buying a Cargobike, you get a bike that has been tested for over ten years in our challenging Scandinavian climate. We are the biggest box-bike company in Sweden, and we’re not afraid to claim that we also offer Sweden’s safest and most secure box-bike purchases. Cargobike is one of only a few bike companies in Europe that has allowed the quality of its bikes to be tested by the independent testing body, TüV.

Cargobike is proud to stand for craftsmanship, safety, expertise and service. We put our heart and soul into our bikes – from the drawing board through to assembly and the workshop – to ensure that you get the safest and most convenient means of transport possible.


For a better future

A Cargobike is a climate-smart transport alternative. It is also practical and easy-to-use. We not only want to provide you with the safest box bike possible, we also want to play our part in changing the established norms of how we move around, day by day. This may sound ambitious, but the reality is that replacing a car with a Cargobike is a great way to look after our planet. A large proportion of our everyday car journeys can easily be made using a Cargobike instead. Our cleverly designed boxes for transporting various kinds of goods can easily be adapted for even greater convenience.


From dream to being biggest in Sweden

Cargobike was founded in 2007. Back then, we were pioneers in introducing box bikes to Sweden. Over the years, we have continually refined and improved our models. Today, we are the biggest box-bike company in Sweden. Our commitment and enthusiasm continue to grow, and we will continue to work as hard as we can to provide you with Sweden’s safest and most secure box bikes!

Cargobike of Sweden