– Alltid på väg

A Cargobike is the friend you can rely on in all weathers. It is not by chance that our box bikes are the most-sold in Sweden!

A safe and green choice

Transport is one of the modern world’s biggest environmental offenders. Do both yourself and the environment a favour and choose a climate-smart Cargobike. Most car journeys tend to be quite short and can easily be performed by bike. It’s also much easier to find somewhere to park!  

Cargobike Box

The long-awaited models Delight Box and Flex Box are wonderfully spacious Cargobikes, perfect for those who need to transport themselves and their gear in a convenient way.



In addition to our promotional films, we have also produced a number of short films in which we demonstrate how you can perform some simple service and maintenance work.

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Our Head Office, featuring our showroom and workshop, is located in Östra hamnen.


In Spånga, you'll find both a showroom with our models and our own workshop.

Our mission


We want to play our part in the creation of a more sustainable future. By choosing a Cargobike, you are making a real statement of positive intent for the environment! The fact that our bikes are also incredibly stylish and convenient only makes your decision even easier.

- Cargobike of Sweden


Kosterögatan 13 Malmö (Headquarters)


Malmö (+46) 040 12 10 00

Cargobike of Sweden